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Having started down this long road (airway). There will be happy times, your first flight, your first solo, getting you Private Pilot License (PPL) and your Commercial Pilot License (CPL), or even your Instrument Rating (IR). Then begin some harder times, looking for work when you are fresh out of school with the minimum require 250 hours of total flight time.

The hardest thing being the task to get to the industries minimum flight experience, which is typically around 1,000 hours Total flight time, with around 100 hours Multi-engine experience. The question being, how does one get the extra 750 hours of flight time, in the least inexpensive way?

There are several options, but these are largely based on where the pilot is located.
1.    The most common option is for the “young” pilot to get an instructor’s rating. This allows one to gain flight time while teaching student pilots, whilst earning a basic liveable income. In about a year’s time, one will have gained the time needed to join the larger more commercialised side of flying.
2.    A second option is banner towing. In areas where the population allows. That is, cities and big towns that require various unique means of advertising. Pilots can gain hours this way. It may however be erratic and a little unreliable during seasons of low advertising.
3.    Bush Flying. This is popular in more remote locations. In places that require smaller and more versatile aircraft, areas that have shorter and rougher runways, and areas that require flexible flight hours. One mostly flies a small volume of passengers, typically 2 or 3 people. It can be a reliable way for an upcoming pilot to gain hours.
4.    Another option is Pipeline Patrol. Again this is based on location and can be a good way for one to gain flight experience.
5.    Traffic watch, in busy towns and cities that require vigilant reports of traffic movement.
6.    In locations that require evacuations and medical services. There may be a need for Flying Doctors.
7.    Aerial survey work can be another way to go. It is quickly gaining popularity in developing areas that involve mapping, road construction, town developments etc.

A combination of the above services is applicable where means justifies the end, as long as a pilot is able to achieve a clear-cut goal. Research your location and try to discover the services that are popular.

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