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Flight and Aviation Training

We have a comprehensive section that lists flight and aviation training schools. Clients are welcome to list flight schools and aviation training institutions.

Aviation Information

We provide general aviation information and listings to help our aviation clientele locate data in a central database.

Global Aviation

An all round website that posts the latest from the aviation world. Global aviation updates for airlines and aviation organizations.

Global Aviation Guide


Are you looking for an all-inclusive source of aviation information? Then Global Aviation Guide is the website for you. We have well categorized sections that list flight schools, flight news, and general aviation articles. Our

Our Website


Who is the website meant for? Global Aviation Guide is meant for aviators and aviation enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to start an aviation career, a hobbyist, or a veteran aviator, we have the appropriate information

Flight Schools

flight school

We have a large global directory of Flight Schools. This will help you find aviation schools near you, with a list of relevant courses. Our directory includes the schools type and number of aircraft, equipment,

Kenyan Aviation

aviation info

We have a big cache of Kenyan Aviation Information. You can now keep up with the latest Flight News and Aviation Articles.

East African Aviation

East African Aviation

East African Aviation is a largely growing area of transport in the larger African economy. The area is growing and covers both aeronautics and aviation. Most lessons in aviation and aeronautics start from high school.

It is hard to separate the words aviation and aeronautics. Aviation technically deals with heavier-than-air aircraft, while aeronautics deals with lighter-than-air aircraft. Some people however use them interchangeably.

Aeronautics is  a Latin word that means air (aero) and navigation (nautic).  Aviation is an art and a science that involves the study, design, development, and manufacturing of airworthy flight machines. East African Aviation covers both fields.

With the market now growing to flights outside Africa, the current of aviation will no doubt change. Whereby international flights require combined and expansive knowledge of both ticketing and in-flight service.

Competition in East African is largely between the countries. We are however seeing mergers between different countries from different regions.

Kenyan Flight Schools

Kenyan Flight Schools

Aviation in Kenya has grown rapidly. We now have many aspiring pilots wondering about where to get flight training. We have several Kenyan Flight schools. Some old and some new. Kenya has different flight schools that specialize in different areas.

With the expansion of the airline industry and the introduction of new airlines and aircraft charter services, we have seen a growth in the demand for pilots. This has led to the parallel growth of flight schools and pilot training.

Established Kenyan Flight Schools include: Kenya School of Flying (KSOF), Flight Training Centre (FTC), 99 Flying School, Skylink Flying School, and Nairobi Flight Training. Most flight schools offer courses such as Private Pilot License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL). They also offer different ratings like Instrument Ratings, Aircraft Ratings, Multi-Engine Ratings, etc.

Aviation divides into many different areas, all of which assist in the flight and navigation of aircraft. One can therefore work in many different areas of aviation on and off the ground.

Pilots or aviators are the most common heard of names in aviation. So it’s no doubt that whenever you mention flying or aviation one will automatically ask if you are a pilot.

Aviation Engineering is another popular field in aviation. It is both the science and art of design, development, and manufacturing of aircraft.

Avionics is the use of electric and electronic systems on an aircraft. There is a wide variety of uses for avionics, from lighting, communication, navigation, monitoring, radar, etc.

Other branches that secondarily support aviation include: Air Traffic Control, Ground Control, Weather Stations, etc. We have schools in Kenya that provide training in these areas such as the East African School of Aviation.

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