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Picking a Flight School

flight school

Choosing a Flight School With a big selection of flight schools available country wide, how does an aspiring pilot choose a flight school? There are several factors that one has to consider: Are you going to take Part 61 or Part 141 training? How many instructors are available at the flight school? What type of aircraft does the flight school have? These and many other questions have to be answered before one enrolls for flight lessons. A big part of the choice is determined by cost. How much do you have available for the training? How many flight schools do you have in your area? Do you have money for

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Factors Leading to Chapecoense Air Crash


Colombia Chapecoense Air Crash This has been a sad week for both the sports and aviation community. The chartered aircraft that crashed in Colombia killed 71 passengers and had 6 survivors. The aircraft owned by LaMia (short for Línea Aérea Mérida Internacional de Aviación) was an Avro RJ85, and was carrying the Brazilian Chapecoense football squad. While statistics indicate that chartered aircrafts are 3-times more likely to crash than airline airplanes, early observations indicate that the crash was caused by pilot error. Immediate indications show that the Chapecoense air crash was avoidable. Human factors systematically led to the crash. First the flight crew arrived late at the Bolivian city. The

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Trump and Aircraft Manufacturing


How will Trump’s presidency affect Aircraft Manufacturing? Donald Trump stunned Americans and the World at large with his landslide victory on Tuesday. Most people were relying on the media polls and expected Hillary Clinton to win. So now that the unbelievable has happened, what’s the way forward? Trade and industry were key voting points for the republican demographic. Trump knew this and used them as strong key campaigning objectives. It is rather evident that future policies created by the incoming president will affect global aviation. Trump’s emphasis was and is on returning jobs and industries to America. Looking specifically at aviation, how will this happen. There are many aviation manufacturers

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Air Investigators Probe Malta Airplane Crash


5 Dead in Malta Airplane Crash Officials have confirmed that 5 people died in the Malta Airplane Crash on Monday morning at 7:20am local time.  The aircraft travelling to Libya’s coastal town of Misrata crashed shortly after takeoff from Luqa- Malta’s largest Airport. The airplane burst into flames upon impact. The aircraft registration SA227-AT was a Fairchild Metroliner twin engine turboprop. It was specially configured for surveillance missions. The Metroliner was operated by the Luxemburg-based CAE Aviation on behalf of the French government for missions in Africa. Maltese officials said that the aircraft was carrying French Customs Officials.  The officials were tracking human trafficking across the Mediterranean. The area has

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African Aviation


Counting the Milestones and Miles to go in African Aviation “For once you have traversed the African sky; everything else will always be your second love”. In almost every single conversation I have had with any pilot that has flown the African skies, it all tends to gravitate towards the beauty of Africa. The picturesque landscape never gets tiring to fly over. While the landscape may be a pleasure to cross, there are several challenges that do face the industry. The industry has not enjoyed a good reputation in safety. There was a period when aviation did have a high rate of accidents. This was largely due to older fleets,

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Boeing Co. and Qatar Airways sign big Aircraft Deal

Qatar 787 Ln 58 air to air

Boeing Co. Lands a Big Aircraft Deal with Qatar Airways The Boeing Co. has signed an $18.6 Billion deal with United Arab Emirates Qatar Airways. The Doha based airline has pledged to purchase 100 Boeing airplanes. The airplanes include 60 Boeing-737 (Max 8) jets, and a combination of 40 Boeing-777s and Boeing 787s. This comes quite soon after Qatar Airway’s CEO Akbar Al Baker made good his threats to reject A-320s from Airbus, which have reportedly had problems with their engines. The company’s purchase of the Boeing 737 will be its first narrow-body jet purchase since 1979. The rivalry and competition for sales seems to be at an all-time high

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Chinese Aviation to become a Global Powerhouse


Chinese Aviation is looking to lead the world in military and civilian aircraft production. With China headed to lead just about every other industry in the world, it seems that aviation will be no exception. The Chinese are now entering into super production mode in the aviation manufacturing industry. Chinese Aviation has been investing in its scientific strength and its diverse workforce. China is only third to the West and Russia. There is already an assorted list of aircraft that are manufactured in China. They manufacture Agricultural, Military, Passenger, and Training aircraft. China has fixed wing, rotary, airships, gliders, and sailplanes in production. Military bombers and fighters have been in

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Kenya Airways Financial Woes


Once one of Africa’s best told financial stories, Kenya Airways (KQ) is turning into a sad financial mess. It was aptly dubbed the “Pride of Africa”, when it made huge financial gains after being privatized in the 1990s. The airline is now struggling to make ends meet. It now needs more than 1-billion USD (KSH 100-billion), to “chip out of the rough”. Kenya Airways is the country’s flag carrier. It was founded in 1977 after East Africa Airways was dissolved. The airline’s largest shareholders include: The Kenya Government 29.8% and KLM who owns 27%. KQ was ranked fourth amongst top ten African Airlines in 2013, behind South African Airways, Ethiopian

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Russia Linked to Jetliner Explosion in Ukraine

mh-17 jetliner explosion

Jetliner Explosion Inquiry Links Russia to MH-17 Deaths The jetliner explosion investigation of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft shot down over Ukraine has been completed by the Dutch-led investigation team. They have concluded that the powerful surface-to-air missile system was transported to the Ukraine by Russian-backed separatists and returned to Russia the same night. The Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH-17) was shot down two-years ago and killed all 298 crew and passengers on-board. The aircraft was a Boeing 777-200ER and was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft debris was found 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Ukraine border near Torez in Donetsk Oblast. The controversial incident brought a lot

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The African American Women Pioneers at NASA


You may have recently heard or read about the upcoming movie “Hidden Figures”. The picture highlights the brave lives of pioneer African American women physicists and mathematicians at NASA. This group of ladies computed the math that sent Astronaut John Glenn into Orbit in 1962. That’s right, the team that calculated America’s first orbital spaceflight. So why haven’t we heard much about this ladies until now? Their stories may have been overshadowed by other “bigger” headlines of the time; the Civil Rights Movement, President Kennedy’s assassination, and the day’s politics. The highlight of their careers came at a time when the names of Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,

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