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Air Shows

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For pilots and aviation enthusiasts there is nothing as exciting as being part of an air show. Whether you attend as a participant or simply as an attendee, air shows offer a priceless experience for those who love flying. Air shows can be broadly categorized as military and civilian with the difference being quite obvious. Those who are interested in the aviation industry will find both types of air shows to be quite thrilling. While military air shows are almost standard since they tend to showcase military aircraft and equipment, there are various classes of civilian air shows. There are local, national, regional, as well as international air shows that are hosted in various countries and cities around the world. There are different themes at the various air shows. Popular themes include classics, latest productions, historical, refurbished or recreated, airline, helicopter, maneuvers, twin engine, and much more.

Air shows are an opportunity for fun and learning. With exhibitors and participants from various sectors of the aviation industry, enthusiasts are able to collect lots of current and credible information. Along with the information gained from the experts and exhibitions, attendees to an air show have the opportunity to interact and share their knowledge and experiences with fellow enthusiasts. Organizers will always have a number of activities and exhibits for particular groups. Kids activities, exhibits for engineers, areas specially designed for pilots and flying enthusiasts along with many other features and facilities.

Most air shows will feature flying displays as well as static planes for the attendees to view. The flying displays are an especially popular attraction for most people attending an air show. Aviation enthusiasts who also happen to be ardent photographers have also found that air shows offer excellent photo opportunities. Photos of the aircraft as well as proceedings at the air show make very interesting collections. Sometimes there are even a number of lucky attendees who get a ride on a plane at the air show. Entertainment, socializing and learning are the main reasons for any air show.

Pilots, mechanics, flight engineers and others involved in the aviation industry should make time to attend air shows. This will not only provide them with a platform for interaction but also acts as a forum where concerns can be raised over any controversial developments in the industry. Aviation organizations also normally use air shows as venues to inform and educate industry players on various policies, standards and rules that may have come into force.

There are a number of big and highly successful air shows that are held around the world. These include the Paris Air Show, the Dubai Air Show, Canada International Air Show, Arctic Thunder Air Show, and Asian Aerospace among others. The pilots engaged and allowed to perform at air shows are highly trained and skilled individuals who have extensive aviation experience in carrying out the maneuvers that they do. It is therefore completely ill advised for anyone who is not trained in air display flying to attempt these aviation maneuvers. Flying should always be a fun, safe and fulfilling experience.

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