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Global Aviation’s Next Big Thing

January 4, 2016       admin       0 comments   | Aviation Articles

The New Year brings with it new optimism. This is no different in the Global Aviation industry. We are looking forward to a lot of things that will be addressed, improved, and introduced in Aviation. The following are amongst the areas that will need work: Safety, Aircraft, Drones and Aviation Applications.

Aviation Safety will be one big area that will be getting a lot of attention on and off the ground. Aviation safety most certainly needs a “face lift”. This is in airports, aircraft maintenance, and in the sky. Pilots and other aviation staff will be getting extra training on how to deal with threats and other aviation emergencies.

Aviation has taken a lot of hits with the happenings in the recent past: The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370, the suicidal co-pilot crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, the shooting down of the Russian Passenger airplane Metrojet Flight 9268, etc. This has and will definitely continue to lead a wide address of safety in many different aviation areas and sectors; aircraft maintenance, passenger screening, staff evaluation, etc.

Among the more exciting things in aviation will be the introduction of new aircraft. Airbus plans to release the A320 NEO (New Engine Option) which is part of the Enhanced Modernization Program, while Boeing is releasing the 777X — which comes following the success of the 777 and the 787 Dreamliner. The 777X will be the largest and most efficient twin-engine aircraft.

There will also be issues addressed concerning the use of commercial drones. This comes following the big boom, and success of Drones and/or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Drones have gained popularity because of their low cost and high efficiency. They are the new preferred aerial vehicles for smaller aviation job tasks because of their versatility, diversity, and high adaptability. They are low tech, easy to pilot, and cheap to maintain. The increase in the number of drones flying the skies means rules and regulations will need to be put in place because of safety, control, and privacy issues.

Apps or Applications will also play a big role in several areas of aviation. Most popular will be Airport Apps that will help map and point out amenities in and around airports. Other applications will include: Aviation Weather Apps, Aviation Navigation Apps, and Aviation Tool Apps.

The industry is always aiming higher and better. Whatever the year may bring we certainly hope it will be positive and will help improve aviation. We certainly look forward to the exciting new things that will be rolling out in Global Aviation.

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