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Aviation and the environment

How does aviation affect its surroundings? The environment is currently one of the main concerns in all sectors of the economy. International pressure is steadily mounting for those who have been identified as major polluters to take responsibility for their contribution to global warming, climate change and other adverse effects of environmental degradation.  Those who have suffered the most due to these effects are in the developing world and it is for this reason that industry players have taken steps to combat pollution in the industry. What’s the relation between aviation and the environment? The first line of action has been in the development of technology that will help manufacturers

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Aviation security

The aviation industry is a critical sub-sector of every economy the world over. We rely on the aviation industry not only for transportation of people – both for business and pleasure but also for transit of cargo. The aviation industry is a major clog in the drivers of every economy and as such any variable affecting aviation affects our economies significantly. Security during flights and in the aviation industry in general covering airports and related facilities is critical. The world security concerns have been further heightened by terrorism and this has indeed been a headache for players in the aviation industry. Pilots, flight attendants, airport security teams and other ground

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Air Shows

For pilots and aviation enthusiasts there is nothing as exciting as being part of an air show. Whether you attend as a participant or simply as an attendee, air shows offer a priceless experience for those who love flying. Air shows can be broadly categorized as military and civilian with the difference being quite obvious. Those who are interested in the aviation industry will find both types of air shows to be quite thrilling. While military air shows are almost standard since they tend to showcase military aircraft and equipment, there are various classes of civilian air shows. There are local, national, regional, as well as international air shows that

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Flying Boats

There are many different types of aircraft and aviation vessels. Between the hot air balloons and the space ships, aviation has many types of vessels in between. While space ships may be the conventionally accepted kings of the skies, there are others who believe that UFOs are actually at the top of the flying vessels food chain. However, moving away from outer space and getting back to our planet, the flying boat is one of the very interesting aircraft that is in our skies. Flying boats are a type of seaplane that floats on water on its fuselage. The first such aircraft was made in 1910 and they gradually gained

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Women in Aviation

The young adults of this day and age will find it hard to relate with the pride and joy of women from previous generations have every time they see a woman in the aviation industry. Indeed female pilots, aircraft engineers or air traffic controllers were quite rare in their time. For many years, these jobs have been an exclusive male affair. Even to this day we have a majority of pilots being men. Up until recent times, there seemed to be an unwritten rule that put men in the pilot’s seat and women were automatically give flight attendant roles. Ever since 1798, when the world watched as the first female

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