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Very Light Jets


Very Light Jets One of the latest innovations in the aviation world is Very Light Jets (VLJs). VLJs are jet-powered aircraft that are approved for single-pilot operation, and whose maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is below 10,000 pounds. They are designed to be lighter than business-jets. VLJs are also known as micro-jets or entry-level jets. They usually have one or two small engines and carry between four to eight passengers. The intention of the aircraft designer was to have an aircraft with low-maintenance costs. The jets are designed to operate from small runways 3,000 feet or less. This ensures that this aircraft can either be used for personal, business, or air

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-UAV

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Safety Debate Many people think that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are among aviations latest devices, but these machines have been around for a while now. They were around as early as 1916 and were tested during World War I and more widely used in World War II. What are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs? They are powered aircrafts that are flown with no human operator onboard. They are also known as Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPVs). UAVs are aerodynamically designed to generate lift when power is applied. These aerial vehicles can be operated in various different ways. They can either be piloted remotely or

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Turbo-props Versus Jet Engines

Turbo-props Versus Jet Engines Props versus Jets While both types of engine are propelled by a turbine, the way in which the engines deliver their output to propel the aircraft are totally different. Turbine propellers or turboprops are engines that drive an aircraft propeller using a series of reduction gears. Turbine Jets or turbojets are engines that propel the aircraft by heating air and using the expansion as a power propulsion system. What is the major difference between turboprops and jet engines, and what are the pros and cons? The major difference is that turboprop engines perform better at lower speeds and jet engines perform better at higher speeds. The

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Simulators in flight training

Will simulators take over flight training? The application of technology in aviation has today gone way beyond anything we could have imagined 15 or 20 years ago. One of the amazing technological developments we have seen develop over the years is flight simulators. Even though simulators have been in use as far back as World War One, today’s simulators are extremely advanced and realistic. This advancement and realism has brought forth the debate as to what the role of simulators is in flight training and whether they help improve the skills of pilots who use them. Those who are pro simulators have argued that these devices are now good enough

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Pre-Flight Planning

Pre-Flight Planning: Preparing for your flight Many people who are unfamiliar with aviation think that the flight begins when the airplanes wheels lift of the ground. This is very untrue, unless the pilot wants to court disaster. The flight begins hours if not days before the pilot takes off, Pre-Flight Planning. A safe flight requires good planning and good contingency measures. Preparation includes: weather briefings, filing a flight plan, acquisition of NOTAMS, frequency and NAVAID channels, etc. One of the most common causes of air crashes is poor pre-flight planning. It is common practice to find pilots going for a flight without prior planning or with little preparation.  This lack

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Pilot License Conversions

Pilot License Conversions: Converting your Aviation License There are many pilots who would like to work in different parts of the world. Converting your pilot license in a different country can be a bit of a nightmare. The information available is usually scanty or sometimes unavailable. Many pilots will usually see or get job offers in other countries or regions but will have to convert their license to legally fly in that particular area. So, how do you go about getting information for the particular place that you want to work in? The first place to check or visit should be the relevant aviation authority. Each country has a regulatory

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Acing Pilot Interviews

Tips to help ace pilot interviews Receiving a call for an aviation interview can be great yet terrifying news. Considering all the horror stories doing rounds of interview panels that tear seasoned pilots to pieces, there is good reason to be prepared. The first rule of attending any pilot interview is that you cannot and will never attempt an interview that you are not confident enough to handle. The slightest hint of wavering confidence will knock you out faster than any other mistake you could make. There are a number of ideas that will help you in your preparation for the big day and it would be a good idea

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The Future of Aviation


The Future of Aviation The aviation industries air travel volumes are projected to grow by leap and bounds over the next 30-years. This is a big challenge for manufacturers worldwide. With environmental rules getting tougher. Environmentalists have increased the pressure on manufacturers to cut emissions and noise pollution. This means slower productions at higher costs for aircraft developers. Arguably, aviation has not changed much in the last 50-years in reference to aircraft size and travel range. With the invention of the turbine engine, longer-range flights became possible and ferrying larger payloads became a reality. While we have not seen major changes in terms of bigger airplanes, we have seen a

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Enemies of experienced pilots

Aviation Human Factors The Pilot Ego: Enemies of experienced pilots As compared to other forms of transport, aviation is considered as among the safest option. There are very few air accidents in comparison to road, rail and water related accidents. It is however important to remember that even though air accidents are few and far between, they are almost always fatal. Those who walk away from an air accident are very few. This is the reason why aviation authorities and organizations around the world enforce strict safety measures. Pilots and engineers have the biggest roles in making sure that these safety measures result in greater safety for all. While engineers

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Best Aviation Information Sources


The best sources of information on aviation Are you having trouble searching for aviation information? Luckily we currently live in what is known as the information age. This being that the most important resource that anyone can have is information. The Internet happens to be the biggest source of information that we currently have and it covers almost every topic. Most companies, individuals, organizations, institutions and other groups have some sort of web presence where they share information about themselves, their interests and their areas of expertise. Since the Internet does not have moderators to check on all content that is posted online, there is currently a lot of misleading,

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