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Starting an Aviation Company

Starting an Aviation Company Aviation Company Start-Up The world is full of aviation related companies but the demand for aviation services never ceases. So, how do you successfully go about starting an aviation company? The basic key is in picking your service niche and following through within certain strict business guidelines. Market research and analysis is also very important before you decide on the type of company you want to start-up. However, you may introduce a new product that increases customer convenience. One thing that clients always look for is convenience and comfort. The combination of these two services is most certainly a winning formula for starting an aviation company.

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Starting a flight School

Starting a flight School Offering Flight Instruction Services As with any other business venture, the success of starting a flight school depends heavily not only upon the capital invested in it but also in its quality and uniqueness. Owning your own aircraft makes more economical sense than leasing it. Profit margins may be smaller than those earned by bigger charter air services and airlines, but they are constant and reliable. There is always an influx of pilot students year round and most of them train for about a year or more. This means that there is always a good volume of profit coming in year round while charters and airlines

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Will simulators take over flight training?

Will simulators take over flight training? The application of technology in aviation has today gone way beyond anything we could have imagined 15 or 20 years ago. One of the amazing technological developments we have seen develop over the years is flight simulators. Even though simulators have been in use as far back as World War One, today’s simulators are extremely advanced and realistic. This advancement and realism has brought forth the debate as to what the role of simulators is in flight training and whether they help improve the skills of pilots who use them. Those who are pro simulators have argued that these devices are now good enough

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Flight Simulators

Flight Simulators Flight Training Devices versus Aircrafts There has always been a big debate about flight training in simulators versus in an aircraft. Simulators have been in use from as far back as the First World War. Back then they were simple simulators resembling flight training devices (FTD’s). Technology has come a long way and manufacturers have been able to create flight simulators that have a very real feel. These training devices go as far as creating motion, and simulating real-world problem scenarios. The history of flight simulators spans from the time when airplanes were invented. Aviators quickly realized that they needed to familiarize themselves with the aircraft before they

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Pre-Flight Weather Sources

Aviation Pre-Flight Weather Sources Sources of Pre-Flight Weather Information A large part of safe flying includes getting the latest aviation weather information before flight. This applies both to Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). You should start by getting general weather information long before the flight. As the flight nears you should start getting specific and detailed information. This should help you perform a good feasibility study about your upcoming flight, what route to use, what altitude to fly, etc. The following are some sources of weather information you can use before the flight. Aviation weather information is usually presented in a specific formal format. This may

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Pre Flight Planning

Pre Flight Planning Preparing for your flight Many people who are unfamiliar with aviation think that the flight begins when the airplanes wheels lift of the ground. This is very untrue, unless the pilot wants to court disaster. The flight begins hours if not days before the pilot takes off. A safe flight requires good planning and good contingency measures. Preparation includes: weather briefings, filing a flight plan, acquisition of NOTAMS, frequency and NAVAID channels, etc. One of the most common causes of air crashes is poor pre flight planning. It is common practice to find pilots going for a flight without prior planning or with little preparation. This lack

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Pilot License Requirements

Pilot License Requirements What do you need to qualify for a Pilot License? One question that I am often asked is what a person requires to qualify for an aviation pilot license. The pilot license requirements are generally the same globally give or take a few minor details. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) tries to keep the aviation requirements uniform worldwide. If you are interested in getting a pilot license the first thing you should do is to find out the particular requirements in your region specified by the Civil Aviation body. This are usually listed in the regulations manual released annually. First and foremost you will want to

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Pilot License Conversion

Pilot License Conversion There are many pilots who would like to work in different parts of the world. Converting your pilot license in a different country can be a bit of a nightmare. The information available is usually scanty or sometimes unavailable. Many pilots will usually see or get job offers in other countries or regions but will have to convert their license to legally fly in that particular area. So, how do you go about getting information for the particular place that you want to work in? How do you go about a pilot license conversion? The first place to check or visit about a pilot license conversion should

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Pilot Interviews

Preparing for Pilot Interviews Preparing for an interview let alone a pilot interview can be a daunting task. Topics spread into many different directions and it’s hard to predict what questions are going to be asked and on what subject matter. However, there are several ways to prepare for interviews from a general standpoint. Basic tips include: exuding confidence, good posture, eloquence, and honesty. The very first thing that you should do is to research on the particular aviation company in-depth. One of the most common questions that the interviewer(s) will ask you is what you know about the organization. They use this as an ice breaker but also to

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Night Flight

Analyzing Night Flight While flying at night can be an enjoyable experience, it is important to realize the difference between daytime and night time flights. Like with most other phases of aviation, night flight has its pros and cons. There are various extra checks that pilots need to make during their pre-flight and planning phase. All pilots need to be in tune with the various checklists and reaction sequences needed in case of any emergency action if required. While the risks of flying at night are higher, there are steps in place to curb accidents and increase flight safety. Visibility is different at night and pilots tend to see illusions

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