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Direct Flights from the United States to Kenya

KEN 787-8

United States to Kenya Direct Flights Kenyans have long been waiting for direct flights from the United States for a while now. There have been several ongoing audits. The last of which was supposed to clear the flights on May 2016. The airport security and infrastructure were among the top agendas for the audit. The national carrier Kenya Airways has also gone through several inspections to help clear them for direct flights. President Uhuru Kenyatta met with Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the United States top diplomat for African Affairs and US Kenyan Ambassador Robert Godec on the 22nd of July this year. Kenya’s infrastructural development was among the top discussions on

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Solar Powered Helicopter


Solar Powered Helicopter Makes Aviation History Another first has been realized in the aviation industry. A solar powered helicopter has successfully taken flight. University of Maryland students launched the Solar Gamera on Sunday. The solar powered flight is believed to be the first of its kind. The rotary aircraft carried a female team member more than a foot off the ground for 9-seconds. The experiment had many failed trials before they were able to successfully takeoff from the ground. The students filmed a video and uploaded it to YouTube. The solar powered helicopter is actually a converted aircraft that was previously human powered and created in 2014. The modified aircraft

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Four Disruptive Women Taken Off Monarch Flight


Four Women Thrown Off Ibiza Bound Flight for Abusing Passengers 4 young women were taken off Monarch Flight ZB504 for hurling insults and racist slurs to fellow passengers. The flight bound for Ibiza was about to takeoff from Manchester Airport on Tuesday evening when the incident occurred. The flight had 158 passengers on board. Airport authorities received a complaint from the captain that four different groups of passengers had made requests to flight attendants to be reseated away from the women. Police then escorted the women off the flight. The women appeared to be aged around 20-25. They all appeared to be inebriated. One of the verbally abused passengers, Amber

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Southwest Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Chicago


A Southwest Airlines Flight 2390 Forced to Make an Emergency Landing A Southwest Airlines Flight flying from Columbus, Ohio to Denver, Colorado was forced to make an emergency landing at Chicago’s Midway International Airport. The pilots declared an emergency after they detected smoke in the cockpit. The flight was then quickly diverted to Midway. The Airlines spokeswoman says that protocol was followed by the flight crew. The aircraft had to land to investigate potential smoke in the cockpit. The Southwest Flight 2390 was transporting 112 passengers and 5 crew members. The flight was met by emergency vehicles upon landing but there was no further incident. The passengers and crew were

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Fire May Have Broken Out on MH370


Did a Fire Breakout on MH370? New evidence has what appears to be burn marks on some newly found pieces thought to be from MH370. The debris was found near the Sainte Luce, Anosy Region, of Southeast Madagascar. The Anosy region is located on the wind route that has been depositing the debris to the island. Although it is a little early to make any conclusions, the debris found seems to be consistent in location with other pieces found from the aircraft. The pieces will be examined by aviation investigation experts to determine if a fire occurred in the air, or upon crash impact. There are several techniques used by

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Terrifying EasyJet Flight


Deported Migrant Scares Passenger on EasyJet Flight EZY5263 There were tense moments onboard an EasyJet Flight, when a passenger who was being deported started screaming “Allahu Akbar”, “Death is coming” and “We will die”. Passengers on the flight had to endure the terrifying ordeal for a gruesome two-hours. The flight was transporting holiday makers from London’s Gatwick airport to Venice on August the 23rd. It is reported that children were crying the whole time and many passengers were perturbed and thought there was going to be some kind of terror attack. The man was handcuffed and accompanied by two security officers. Unfortunately, there was no explanation from the flight or

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MH370 Captain Messaged Mysterious Woman Two Days before Flight


Captain Shah Messaged Female Friend Two Days before Flight MH370 Disappeared News just in is that the Captain of the ill-fated MH370 Zaharie Ahmed Shah messaged his friend Fatima Pardi a couple of days before the flight disappeared. Pardi says that she and Shah were just friends and he was a father figure to her children. The two met during an election volunteer campaign. They started exchanging WhatsApp messages and Shah began visiting her at her some point. Their friendship soon grew to a level where he became like a father to Pardi’s children. She however insists that they were not having an affair. Pardi confirmed that she received a

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Disruptive Passenger on BA causes Diverted to Boston


Florida Bound Flight Diverted to Boston because of Unruly Passenger A British Airways flight from London had to be diverted to Boston’s Logan International Airport because of a disruptive passenger. The 24-year old Scottish passenger was deplaned at 1645 hours on Thursday. The aircraft a Boeing 777-200 was headed to Orlando Florida from Gatwick. Massachusetts Police confirmed that a man had been arrested and taken into custody by customs and border protection for his rowdy behavior on the BA flight. They said the man would be summoned for interfering with flight and cabin crew. He will be deported back immediately to face charges in London. The man was reported to

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AirAsia Captain Entered Wrong Coordinates


ATSB Completes AirAsia Flight 9M-XXM Investigation An investigation by the Air Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has concluded that an AirAsia captain entered wrong coordinates in an aborted flight that had to land in Melbourne. The flight was from Sydney to Malaysia. The Airbus A300 took off on March 10th 2015, and was bound for Kuala Lumpur. The captain however entered the wrong coordinates for the flight path. The crew was alerted by Air Traffic Control (ATC) as soon after they detected they were off-course. The flight crew initially found that there was a problem with the on-board navigation system. There was a loss of GPS data and route directions. The

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Computer Glitch Causes British Airways Flight Delays


An IT Computer Glitch caused major flight delays yesterday for passengers traveling with British Airways (BA).  The computer problem caused long queues among travelers. The problem mainly affected check-in desks at Heathrow and Gatwick. It however also affected flights to and from the United States and other parts of the globe. There was further delay at London City Airport as protesters of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) chained themselves together on a runway, causing the airport to be shutdown. British Airway apologized to the angry passengers for the flight delays, and advised those who could, to check-in online. They responded to the affected travelers on Twitter, BA wrote: “We apologize

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