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Ethiopian National Aviation College Graduates 282 Students

national aviation college-1

The National Aviation College of Ethiopia has graduated 282 students. The students graduated in various disciplines including, flight cabin crew, ticketing and reservation, hotel management, and front office operation. This is a great development for the Ethiopian and African Aviation industry that has been doubling its effort to become a leader in the aviation market. Ethiopian Airlines is currently ranked as the 4th best airline in Africa. The college is partnering with accredited international organizations to help create a world class training institute. Such organizations include the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Institute of Commercial Management. The school’s Dean Mr. Gezeahegen Biru says that all 282 students who

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Rocket Explosion Could Cost SpaceX Millions of Dollars


Spacecom seeks $50 Million Compensation from SpaceX for Satellite Spacecom Communications reported that it could seek $50 million in compensation or a free flight from SpaceX. A Space Communications satellite was destroyed last week by an explosion when one of SpaceX’s rockets was taking of at their Florida launch site. SpaceX, whose full name is Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, is an Aerospace manufacturer that designs and develops reusable space vehicles. It also looks into ways of creating cheaper space travel technology by reusing rocket boosters. The unmanned Falcon-9 rocket blew up in several fiery explosions that could be heard more than 40-miles away. A big plume of black smoke spread

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Delta Flight Delayed after Hitting a Flock of Birds

delta flight

Delta Flight 1345 Aborts Takeoff at Tucson Airport following Bird Strike A Delta Flight out of Tucson International Airport had to abort takeoff after it hit a flock of birds. The aircraft had to return to the terminal. Passengers were forced to get off the 6am flight back to the boarding area. The flight which was headed to Atlanta, Georgia was rescheduled to 1:30pm. Delta released the following statement. “The crew of Delta flight 1345 from Tucson to Atlanta followed procedures and rejected the takeoff roll after encountering birds prior to departing the runway. The flight taxied back to the terminal without incident and customers deplaned normally. Delta maintenance technicians

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New Orleans Rapper Pushes Girlfriend out of an Airplane to save her Life

A small plane is lifted by a crane from the water of Lake Pontchartrain near Lakefront Airport, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016 in New Orleans.  New Orleans Fire Department spokesman Gregory Davis said the bodies of the pilot and a passenger were in the plane's cabin. A second passenger, a woman, survived Saturday night's crash when she was picked up a boat in the area. (Michael DeMocker/NOLA.com The Times-Picayune via AP)

New Orleans Rapper Saves Girlfriend by pushing her out of an Airplane A man from New Orleans is being hailed as a hero. Reginald Hillard Jr. a rapper from Louisiana saved his girlfriend Brianna Davis from a distressed aircraft. Brianna had surprised her boyfriend with tickets for a scenic aerial tour. They ran into a rainstorm while they were flying back to the airport. It appears that it is then that the airplane a Cessna 172 got into trouble. The aircraft may have been pushed down by strong storm winds. It crashed North of New Orleans in the waters above Lakefront Airport. Rescue teams retrieved the aircraft on Tuesday from

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Rowdy Man Subdued by Passengers on WestJet Flight


Unruly Man Restrained on WestJet Flight There was drama onboard a WestJet flight where a man had to be restrained by fellow passengers for his unruly behavior. One of the passengers explained that things started getting tense when the man started approaching a flight attendant and asking to get of the aircraft. A witness Steven Kelly who was sitting 4-rows back explained to CTV News Edmonton that a man wearing a backpack paced from the back of the airplane to the front and asked to get of the aircraft in midflight. He then repeated the action a second time. The man then headed towards the door. Though it is not

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First Commercial Flight to Cuba

The Aeroflot aircraft for the SU150 Moscow-Havana flight (R) is seen as a taxi drives out of a parking lot at Havana's Jose Marti International Airport June 24, 2013. The Aeroflot flight from Moscow that was being closely tracked by media organizations in case Edward Snowden, the former security contractor who revealed details of U.S. surveillance programs, was on board, landed in Cuba uneventfully on Monday. Russian reporters on board the flight and foreign press gathered at Havana airport reported no sightings of Snowden or any unusual security. REUTERS/Desmond Boylan (CUBA - Tags: POLITICS TRANSPORT) - RTX10ZOK

JetBlue Completes First Commercial Flight to Cuba The first commercial flight to Cuba was completed by JetBlue yesterday. This comes months after a historic agreement between the US and Cuba. Obama’s Administration has been working to normalize relations between the two countries. JetBlue’s Flight-387 became the first US Airline to complete the flight. This is the first commercial flight in 50-years. The flight landed in Santa Clara from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and carried the Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. Five other US airlines have been approved to fly to Cuba. This include: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines. This is expected

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Projectile Breaks Outer Window on Air Canada Express Flight

David Smith Air Canada Express

Man Rattled as Object Cracks Window on Jazz Flight (Air Canada Express) A man posted a photo of a cracked outer window of an aircraft he was flying in on his Twitter page on Tuesday. The Prince Edward Island native was traveling on a Jazz Flight. Jazz operates on behalf of Air Canada to some select destinations. They use the brand name Air Canada Express. There was a sudden scary smash on the window. Luckily it only affected the outer layer of the window. David Smith was occupying a window seat with his 5-year old daughter when the incident happened. David told CTV News that whatever struck his window put

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Southwest Airliner Makes Emergency Landing after Engine Failure


Southwest Flight 3472 Diverts to Pensacola for an Emergency Landing A Southwest Airlines aircraft made an emergency landing on Saturday 27th at around 9:40am CDT. There was a loud explosion from the portside (left) engine while the airplane was in midair. The Southwest Flight 3472 was flying from New Orleans, Louisiana to Orlando, Florida and was carrying 104 passengers. One of the passengers a lady who was traveling with her husband and 3-children says she heard the loud explosion, some vibrations, and saw some smoke coming out of the engine. She was seated next to a window with a good view of the engine. Oxygen masks then came down as

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Easyjet Cabin Crew Argument Creates Flight Delay


Pre-Flight Easyjet Cabin Crew Squabble Causes Takeoff Delay An argument between flight attendants aboard Easyjet Flight EZY835 created a 90-minute delay. The flight was headed to Belfast from Gatwick, London on Wednesday afternoon. A passenger who witnessed the spat said that those onboard were “totally aghast”. The two cabin crew members had to be replaced. Easyjet apologized to the passengers for the flight delay. “In order to deliver, this cabin crew need to be able to work as a team.” They said that the safety of their passengers is the airlines top priority. One can safely conclude that disagreements between crew can lead to problems in the air. Another passenger,

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Flying Bum Crashes

southbedsnews agency- luton.. (fairlys)

Airlander-10 aka Flying Bum Crashes on Second Test Flight The longest airship the Airlander 10 dubbed the Flying Bum crashed on its second test flight. The aircraft sustained significant damage to its cockpit. No one was injured during the crash. The aircraft nosedived slowly to the ground after it had a successful flight. The crash came just seven days after its triumphant maiden flight. A video of the crash was recorded and released on the internet shortly after the crash. The flight was from Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire, and the airship crashed at about 11:00am BST. The 92-meter hybrid ship (part airplane, part airship, and part helicopter) manufactured by Hybrid

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