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Emirates Aircraft Catches Fire


Emirates Boeing 777-300 Crash Landed after Landing Gear Collapsed An Emirates flight EK521 caught fire after an emergency landing at Dubai International Airport. The aircraft was performing a flight from Trivandrum International Airport in Thiruvananthapuram India to Dubai (UAE). The Boeing 777-300 landed on runway 12L at 0841 Hours Zulu time on 3rd Aug 2016. It however suffered a landing gear collapse and burst into flames. Passengers, flight, and cabin crew were quickly evacuated from the smoke filled aircraft. No injuries were reported and all 300 people exited safely. Emirates Airlines reported that of the 300 people, 282 were passengers and 18 were crew members. In a video that was

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Pilot Subdues Drunk Passenger

pilot drunk passenger

Drunken Passenger Creates Commotion on Aircraft is mollified by Pilot The pilot of an American Airlines flight tackled and subdued a drunken passenger onboard who had attacked a flight attendant. The hostile passenger allegedly manhandled a cabin crew attendant who had instructed him to return to his seat. Michael Kerr the unruly passenger had been served three Jack Daniels while onboard. When the aircraft landed Kerr refused to remain in his seat. The flight attendant then ordered him back upon which the passenger became unruly and confrontational. Kerr threatened to break the attendants jaw. That is when the pilot got into the scenario. In a recorded video, he requested that

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Air Canada AC1159


Air Canada Flight to Calgary makes and Emergency Landing An Air Canada Flight AC1159 was forced to make an emergency landing in Lethbridge, Alta after its windshield was cracked by hail. The flight was on route from Toronto to Calgary. The Airbus A320 had 144 passengers on board. The aircraft was bombarded by hail as he attempted his approach into Calgary. He was forced to radio in a mayday and abandoned the landing. Passengers were alerted that there was a hailstorm and the aircraft was being diverted to the nearest alternate. The Captain of Air Canada AC1159 was forced to follow protocol as is listed in the standard operating procedures

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Volcanic Ash Cloud in Bali Delays Flights

ash cloud

A volcanic ash cloud has delayed flights for the second day running in Bali’s Denpasar Airport. Mount Rinjani in the Lombok Island of Indonesia is an active volcanic mountain. Darwin’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Center issued several warnings, sparking panic among airlines and travelers alike. Flights were grounded for two days. They are however scheduled to resume today if no further volcanic ash coud reports are made. Meteorologists and pilots will assess the latest weather data to make a determination of flight conditions. Tigerair, Jetstar, and Virgin are among the airlines that cancelled flights. A list of affected flights was published by Jetstar. Reports from Perth via twitter indicated that several

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370


High “Probability” Wing Piece is from MH370 There is a big likelihood that the wing part found in June this year is from the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370. This is according to the Australian Transport Minister. The piece was found in Pemba Island, Tanzania. It floated near the mainland in late June 2016. The wing part appears to be the outboard flap of the Boeing 777. It is currently being analyzed by Australia’s Transport and Safety Bureau. Debris believed to be from the aircraft has been found in different parts of the globe having being carried by seasonal ocean currents. Some of these countries include: Mauritius, Mozambique, Reunion Island, and

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Malaysia Airlines MH370


Mystery and Speculation OF MH370 Was Malaysia Airlines MH370 flown into the ocean? Lots of mystery and speculation has continually surrounded the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370. Aviation experts are still examining parts found in different places around the globe. One of the pieces of the aircraft MH370 – part of the wing called a flaperon found in Reunion Island in July 2015, provides evidence that the aircraft was purposely flown into the ocean. The wing part was extended for landing, which means one or both pilots purposely configured the aircraft to land in the water. What has however not been proven is whether the pilots prepared to land due

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