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Skyventure Aviation


Flight School Skyventure Aviation Inc. About Us Skyventure Aviation operates a fully approved flight school offering all pilot certificates and ratings for fixed wings. We train global students from any region and are approved for international student training. We train at our Cessna Pilot Centers where we have a structured training approach using Computer Based Instruction (CBI). Services · Flight Training · Ground School Type of Training FAA Part 141 approved. Courses · Private Pilot License (PPL) · Commercial Pilot License (CPL) · Instrument Rating (IR) · Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Courses · Hour Building · Multi Crew Pilot License (MPL) · Sport Pilot Fleet · Cessna 152 · Cessna

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Skys Aircraft Corporation


Flight School Skys Aircraft Corporation About Us Skys Aircraft Corporation. For the last 10-years we have operated at the Newnan Coweta County Airport. Flight training at Skys Aircraft is provided by competent instructors in safe and well maintained aircraft. We can tailor your training to include a combination of single engine, twin engine and high performance aircraft to give you the best training experience available.  It doesn’t matter what you’re goals are, Skys Aircraft can provide individualized training for you. Professional Pilot Courses For those people looking to make a career of aviation, Skys is proud to offer multiple professional pilot packages.  These programs give you the ratings and twin

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Sierra Bravo Flight Training


Flight School Sierra Bravo Flight Training (Blue Airways) About Us We are part of the Blue Airways Company. We offer flight instruction to students from within the location and even those from outside the state. We also have guided aerial tours and aircraft rental programs. Welcome to Blue Airways Blue Airways is located at the Red Wing Regional Airport and surrounded by the most scenic and historic areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our full-service, fixed-base operation is a fast and convenient alternative to the crowded FBOs in the Twin Cities while offering equally convenient access to business and entertainment destinations. At Blue Airways, you can always expect a warm welcome

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Shelburne Flight School


Flight School Shelburne Flight School About Us Here at Shelburne we offer quality flight instruction and a variety of pilot licenses tailored to fit you particular aviation need. We do this in a relaxed environment conducive for instruction to provide in-depth and comprehensive flight training. At Shelburne you will learn to fly and obtain your pilot license with programs that fit your needs. Accelerated packages and Financing are now available! You can fly as often as you like, depending upon your schedule. Introductory Flights are highly recommended! Sport flying is also now available. Safety always comes first. We ensure that all our aircrafts are well maintained and serviced by quality

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Savannah Aviation


Flight School Savannah Aviation About Us We are Savannah’s premier flight training and aircraft maintenance facility. We are the only Authorized Cessna Pilot Training Center and Cessna Service Center on the coast of Georgia. We have over 25 years in the aviation industry. We have trained more people to become pilots than any other flight school in and around Savannah, GA. You will enjoy our professional staff and experienced flight instructors. We will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a pilot. Flight Training Your outlook on life will be forever changed the first time you take the controls of a Cessna aircraft, flying through the air, far above the

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South African Flight Training Academy (SAFTA)


Flight School South African Flight Training Academy (SAFTA) About Us We specialize in exclusive flight training lessons whether you are looking for a pilot career or want to fly for recreational purposes. We are the top and leading aviation school in South Africa. South African Flight Training Academy opened its door in 2007 to training professional pilots from all over the world. SAFTA is exclusively recognised as the best pilot training schools in South Africa. We strive to be the one of the largest flight schools in South Africa to teach you how to how to fly a plane. South Africa is cited amongst the top 10 destinations for a

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SafeFlight STL

Fly Carolina

Flight School SafeFlight STL About Us Here at SafeFlight STL we provide executive aviation consultation for training and various aviation services. We have a one of a kind training facility that offers students the best type of instruction environment. Students learn in a real-world environ that ensures they prepare well for real-world situations. Services • Flight Training • Ground School Type of Training FAA approved. Courses • Private Pilot License (PPL) • Commercial Pilot License (CPL) • Instrument Rating (IR) • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Courses • Hour Building Fleet • Cirrus SR-22 Location Spirit of St. Louis Airport 18366 Wings of Hope Blvd Chesterfield, Missouri 63005 Amenities Transport and

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Russell Aviation

Russell Aviation

Flight School Russell Aviation About Us Russell Aviation is a flight school that specializes in accelerated courses. Mickey Russell has been training pilots for the last 14-years in the Colorado Rockies, where the weather is perfect for Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). We also have a flight school for instrument training in Alaska. Russell aviation has specialized in accelerated courses in Instrument Rating. We improve IFR mountain flying instrument skills and techniques. We also offer Private Pilot Licences and scenic adventure flights. Our scenic adventure flights are also educational in nature. These may include flights to Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and the Rocky Mountains. We have well equipped modern aircraft that are

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Royal Air Flight Training

royal air flight training

Flight School Royal Air Flight Training Inc. About Us We are a flight training school in the Maryland area. We have qualified instructors with a wealth of flight hours and experience instructing students. We also offer safety and aerobatics training. Come join us at Royal Air Flight Training to get the best flight instruction available. Flight Instructor – Nizar Bechara Nizar is Royal Air Flight Training’s premier flight instructor. He possesses a CFII, MEII, ATP, and Land & Sea ratings and endorsements. He has over 20, 800 flight hours. He not only teaches students for the purpose of time building but because he enjoys teaching as a career. His portfolio includes

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Ponderosa Aero Club

Ponderosa aero club

Flight School Ponderosa Aero Club About Us We are a flight school that has been training pilots from 1974. We are also a non-profit flying club that provide air services to aviation enthusiasts. We have a safety record to none! Great rates, great planes, and friendly people! We have the largest fleet of training and rental aircraft in the state of Idaho, which means that you never have to worry about waiting on long training queues. Ponderosa Aero Club has been offering superior flight training and providing its’ membership with a well maintained fleet of aircraft since 1974. Our staff of qualified and experienced instructors provide training for private, instrument,

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