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Performance Aircraft

Performance Aircraft-2

Flight School Performance Aircraft About Us Performance Aircraft was formed by Bill Heckathorn (President) in 2004. His experience as a flight instructor, aircraft sales representative, and Fixed Base Operations (FBO) manager has helped in the company’s visible success. We provide quality flight instruction, aircraft sales, and maintenance among other services. Performance Aircraft is driven by a love for aviation and a passion for helping people achieve their aviation dreams. We are committed to providing you quality services in buying and selling aircraft. Performance Aircraft offers professional flight training with a beautiful fleet of aircraft available for rental. Our staff of full time flight instructors are enthusiastic about your success. Not

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Oxford Aviation Academy

oxford aviation academy

Flight School Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA) About Us Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA) is one of the world’s leading independent providers of integrated aviation training and resource services. OAA operates 105 training aircraft, 64 simulators and 10 training centres delivering an innovative and comprehensive portfolio of aviation training courses. OAA’s 3 ab-initio airline pilot training schools are amongst the world’s most respected and have trained more than 26,000 professional pilots over the past 50 years. Furthermore, OAA’s 7 type training centres combine to offer approved airline pilot, cabin crew and maintenance engineer training on a wide range of aircraft types including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, BAe Systems and Embraer. VISIT ONE OF

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Northeast Helicopters Flight Services

northeast helicopters flight services

Flight School Northeast Helicopters Flight Services About Us We are the oldest helicopter flight training school in the United States. We train helicopter pilot students from over 28 countries worldwide. We also train all our instructors at our school ensuring a high training standard and school tradition. Our flight training is self-paced which ascertains that your training is thorough and not rushed. Instruction is one-on-one between the student and the instructor. We are now also offering fixed-wing training. At Northeast Helicopters Flight Services, student training comes first! You will learn at your own pace with one-on-one instruction. This is the most cost effective and efficient way to learn. Our flight

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Newport Aviation


Flight School Newport Aviation About Us Newport Aviation is a friendly pilot training facility located in Narragansett Bay. We bring our potential aviator’s dreams to life. Enjoy the lovely view of our location while you train. Licensed pilots can rent our aircraft for their own flight purposes. Have you ever dreamed of flying? If your answer is yes, Newport Aviation is your ticket to making this dream come true. Whether you would simply like a view of Rhode Island from above, or already hold a pilots license, Newport Aviation offers the services you need to get up in the air. From rental to instruction, we are a full service flight

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Nashville Flight Training


Flight School Nashville Flight Training About Us At Nashville Flight Training we turn your aviation dream into a reality. We offer affordable flight instruction. Enjoy the rewards of a challenging flight career. Nashville Flight Training offers flight instruction from FAA certified instructors who work on your schedule at your pace and at your budget. Is it a challenge? Absolutely. Flying is the most challenging activity one could ever learn and absolutely the most rewarding. As you work through each building block in becoming a pilot, you’ll experience the thrill of knowing that one day others will refer to you as a pilot. Also check out our in house flight simulator.

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Nairobi Flight Training

Nairobi Flight Training

Flight School  Nairobi Flight Training (NFT) About Us Summary Nairobi Flight Training (NFT) School is a private institution that was established in 2007 to offer specialized training for students wishing to take up careers in flying airplanes. Nairobi Flight Training’s main objective is to train prospective pilots and equip them with the right professional skills to enable them become competent and responsible pilots. The institution, whose hallmark is success is managed and run by highly qualified professionals in the field and competent instructors – with adequate facilities to boot – thus availing a recipe for true success. Staff At Nairobi Flight Training our instructor’s are highly trained with many years

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Fly MPP Aviation


Flight School MPP Aviation About Us We have been operating since 2006 serving students from Nebraska and beyond. We have a fleet of well-maintained aircraft. We also train students who would like to fly with other aircraft particularly for multi-engine training. MPP Aviation provides a safe and affordable training structure. The MPP Aviation flight school is owned and managed by Mark Langrud a freelance FAA Gold Seal certified flight instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI/IGI) and airline transport pilot based in Lincoln, NE and Broken Bow, NE. Mark created this website to promote general aviation in Nebraska and my instructing services. He primarily instructs at the Lincoln Municipal Airport and Broken Bow Municipal Airport. He is also

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Monarch Air


Flight School Monarch Air About Us In 1986 Monarch Air was established to set new standards for flight training. Our operation is backed by over 50 years of solid professional piloting experience from the military and major airlines. Monarch Air’s course curricula can take you from zero experience to whatever level you want to achieve, flying for a career or for recreation. Our full service facility has been producing safe and proficient pilots for over 25 years.  Our ‘Safety is Paramount’ commitment in all aspects of our operations has made Monarch Air the superior facility for flight training. Our flight services produce safe and competent pilots in the world of

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Mile High Flying

mile high flying

Flight School Mile High Flying About Us Mile High Flying is a proficient flight school located in Colorado. We have experienced flight instructors. We have a “Be a Pilot” program that ensures you earn your licences in the least amount of time with the most amount of aviation knowledge. Why do you want to fly? Have you ever been outside on a absolutely gorgeous day and watched the birds soaring above and wished you could? I am here to tell you that you can – no matter how young or old you are! Whether it be to begin a career in aviation or a weekend hobby, this is the place

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Midfield Aviation


Flight School Midfield Aviation About Us Midfield Aviation in the Mojave desert of  Southern California serving pilots since 1980. The FBO is located at the north end of Apple Valley Airport.  Midfield Aviation offers flight training, aircraft rental for leisure flights or hour-building, hangars, and maintenance. Located in Southern California where the weather is always ideal for training flights. This allows students to accumulate flight time quickly even in the colder winter months. This helps save on accommodation especially for out-of-state and international students. We organize several flight activities and updates via our monthly newsletter. This keeps our students up to speed as to what’s new/happening. This includes flight rates, contests,

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