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Skylink Flights Pilot Training


Flight School Skylink Flights Pilot Training About Us At Skylink we have the 3rd generation Aircraft, newer model trainers that break down down less often and are very safe for training. Our fleet consist of modern but less fuel consuming Aircraft, the 3rd generation models, reducing our cost and easy on the candidates’ pockets. We offer a range of experience by training on both high and low wing Aircraft which allow a candidate complete his/her training at Skylink with multiple ratings in his/her license. ABOUT US Our instructors are professional aviators who are ready to provide you with exemplary service, through commitment to safety. Whether your goal is to fly

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Flight Training Centre

Flight Training Centre

Flight School Flight Training Centre About Us Establishment Flight Training Centre (FTC) was founded in April 2008 as a business name and was incorporated as a limited company on 6 June, 2010. Through the issue of an Approved Training Organization Certificate by KCAA, the school is able to provide flight training in all areas as stipulated under the ATO. Such services include ground flight training, instrument rating, multi engine training, type rating and foreign license conversion among other forms of training as needs arise.   Core Competencies TRAINING At Flight Training Centre we offer many general and specialized courses in specific areas of the Aviation Environment. We have a flexible

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Ninety-Nines Flying School


Flight School Ninety-Nines Flying School About Us Ninety-Nines Flying School is a dedicated flying training organization catering for the private, commercial and airline sectors. We have extensive experience in training self and corporate sponsored pilots from different cultural backgrounds and from all around the world. History Beginning in 1975, the Ninety-Nines Flying School has established a reputation within the East Africa aviation industry for providing high quality flight training services. The School Our success is as a result of having a relevant and achievable philosophy, sophisticated training programs to translate that philosophy into tangible results, and selective management systems to provide quality control. We offer training for pilots of all

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Pilot License Conversion

Pilot License Conversion There are many pilots who would like to work in different parts of the world. Converting your pilot license in a different country can be a bit of a nightmare. The information available is usually scanty or sometimes unavailable. Many pilots will usually see or get job offers in other countries or regions but will have to convert their license to legally fly in that particular area. So, how do you go about getting information for the particular place that you want to work in? How do you go about a pilot license conversion? The first place to check or visit about a pilot license conversion should

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Nairobi Flight Training

Nairobi Flight Training

Flight School  Nairobi Flight Training (NFT) About Us Summary Nairobi Flight Training (NFT) School is a private institution that was established in 2007 to offer specialized training for students wishing to take up careers in flying airplanes. Nairobi Flight Training’s main objective is to train prospective pilots and equip them with the right professional skills to enable them become competent and responsible pilots. The institution, whose hallmark is success is managed and run by highly qualified professionals in the field and competent instructors – with adequate facilities to boot – thus availing a recipe for true success. Staff At Nairobi Flight Training our instructor’s are highly trained with many years

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Kenya School of Flying

Kenya School of Flying

Flight School Kenya School of Flying (KSOF) About Us History Kenya School of Flying was founded in 1992. From a humble beginning, owning a C-150 training aircraft, KSOF has now grown into a large fleet. Whether you are choosing aviation as a career or simply for the sheer thrill of flying, selecting the right school is vital to your success. Kenya School of Flying operates a world-class professional aviation flight facility catering to all levels of pilot training. It is always our pleasure to help anyone take full advantage of the wonderful world of aviation and achieve any of the full range of licenses and ratings on offer. You will

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