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12 minute flight from Toronto to Niagara Falls

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Toronto to Niagara 12 minute flight

Greater Toronto Airways has introduced a 12 minute flight from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Commuters will now be able to fly directly. In a route that has only had the option to take a 1-hour drive (depending on traffic conditions) or a 90-minute train ride. This is why flying will be the best, fastest, and most convenient option.

The service will start by September 15th 2015. It will be flown between Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport and the Niagara District Airport. Travelers who want to use the service can book for the flight from Greater Toronto Airways commuter services offered twice a day Monday through Friday. Commuters can also book the 12 minute flight through the private charter service.

Morning and afternoon services will be included in the commuter services program on flights to and fro from Billy Bishop Airport (0730 and 0830 hours) and Niagara District Airport (1630 and 1800 hours). One-way fares will start from $85 and return trips at $159.Private charters will be in 6-seater and 8-seater configurations. Leasing the entire aircraft will start at $800 one-way and $1,200 round-trip. Inflight services will include snacks and beverages to make the trip more enjoyable.

Though the flight is only 12-minutes, it is not the shortest flight in the world. The shortest commercial flight is between Loganair’s Westray to Papa Westray. This is averaged at 47-seconds, depending on winds and the aircrafts airspeed.

The Greater Toronto Airways 12 minute flight is expected to be a popular one as there are many tourists who travel from Toronto to Niagara Falls. They will certainly enjoy the convenience of the speedy service.

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