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American Swimmers Pulled off Flight from Rio

August 18, 2016       admin       0 comments   | Flight News

Two American swimmers were pulled of a flight from Rio on their way home. Originally four American swimmers had earlier reported that they were robbed at gun point by people who appeared to be Brazilian police early Sunday morning. Swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger were ordered not to leave Brazil until they recorded a statement with police. Both were deplaned as they were leaving from the Rio Airport and taken for questioning by the police.

One of the two other teammates wanted for questioning Ryan Lochte, is already back in the US. A Brazilian judge had already issued a search and seizure warrant for Lochte and his teammate James Feigen. Feigen is still believed to be in Brazil.

Lochte is said to be cooperating with Brazilian authorities through his lawyer. He says he did not run away from Rio and left at the scheduled time. The swimming team had already checked out from the Olympic village after they were done with their races. Lochte says that they would not make up such a story and it happened exactly as they told it.

The judge however made comments after reviewing a video of the swimmers checking back into the village shortly after being robbed. He said they appeared to be far to calm to have been robbed, and that they appeared to have items such as their cellphones which would have been sure to have been taken during the alleged robbery.

Brazil had received a lot of negative publicity from the media about the high rates of crime and about the country’s ability to host the Olympic Games.

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