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Chinese Aviation to become a Global Powerhouse

October 5, 2016       admin       0 comments   | Flight News

Chinese Aviation is looking to lead the world in military and civilian aircraft production. With China headed to lead just about every other industry in the world, it seems that aviation will be no exception. The Chinese are now entering into super production mode in the aviation manufacturing industry.

Chinese Aviation has been investing in its scientific strength and its diverse workforce. China is only third to the West and Russia. There is already an assorted list of aircraft that are manufactured in China. They manufacture Agricultural, Military, Passenger, and Training aircraft. China has fixed wing, rotary, airships, gliders, and sailplanes in production.

Military bombers and fighters have been in production for quite a while. The Chinese aviation industry already has 13 J-series fighter aircraft, has purchased 2 MiG (MiG-9 and MiG-15/J2) designs, and an FC-1 (J-17) currently being produced.

Passenger and Cargo air transporters have not been left behind. They have several airliners that are capable of transporting between 60 and 90 passengers. The MA-60 and its variant the MA-600 have a 60-seat configuration. The ARJ-21 is a 70-90 seat regional jetliner. There are 2 large airliners that are currently in development from Comac (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China), the C929 and C939.

China has also invested in the production of training aircraft. This range from basic propeller aircraft to more complex turbine powered aircraft. Some jet trainer/attackers are used by the military to train their attack pilots.

The People’s Republic of China acquired Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) in August this year. They hope to start producing industry standard turbo-fan engines soon for commercial airliners. Chinese engineers have been building military aircraft engines for years now and want to capitalize on their experience.

Though the Chinese initially struggled in the production of aircraft and aircraft engines, they are now catching up to the rest of the worlds aircraft manufacturers. They are now able to compete with their foreign counterparts. If the Chinese Aviation industry emulates China’s manufacturing prowess, they will become a force to reckon with.

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