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Jetstar Flight Makes an Emergency Landing

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Jetstar Flight makes an Emergency Landing because of Smoke Filled Cabin

A Jetstar Flight en-route from Sydney to Cairns was forced to make an emergency landing in Brisbane because of a smoke filled cabin. The captain of the flight was forced to shut down one of the engines and to make the unscheduled stop.

The Airbus A320 experienced the technical issue an hour into its scheduled 3-hour flight. One of the passengers Wendy Perkins said she heard a loud explosion after which the cabin started filling up with smoke. The airline disputes that and says that the cabin filled up with smoke when the air conditioning was turned on after the aircraft had safely landed.

A lot of the passengers were terrified. Passenger, Audra Thompson posted on Facebook, “The most terrifying moment of my life”. “I was just on the flight that caught fire and filled the cabin with smoke.” Never have I cried so hard … thankful to be alive and for the crew.”

Another passenger Nick Trompf agrees with Perkins, he says that the smoke appeared just as one of the Cabin Crew was pushing up the food cart to start serving. The crew became concerned and returned the food cart “The smoke was dense enough that it had a smell to it. Some described it as having a “burning plastic smell”.

A short video taken by one of the passengers shows a very hazy smoke filled cabin. Heidi Green said. “The frightening thing was the horrible noises that persisted the rest of the 40 minutes of the flight. “Once they shut off the engine the smoke began to clear. “The landing was tense and the remaining engine was clearly straining but it was not turbulent.”

Jetstar registered as Jetstar Airways Pty Limited is a budget airline based in Melbourne Australia. It was formed as response to low-cost airline Virgin Blue and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas.

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