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National Aviation Day

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Aviation Enthusiasts Celebrate National Aviation Day

Aviation Fans celebrated National Aviation Day in different ways all across the United States on August 19th. National Aviation Day is set aside for flight enthusiasts and devotees of the industry to appreciate and learn new things. The holiday was established by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939. It designates Orville Wright’s birthday, one of the two pioneering brothers of powered flight.

More than a hundred 7th and 8th grade Students in Grand Junction, Colorado spent the day learning about the different aspects of aviation. Armstrong Consultants set up 10 learning stations, had hands-on practical projects, and explained how things work in flight. As the CEO Dennis Corsi explained it’s not just the pilot that flies the airplane. The flight begins long before takeoff. Various aviation areas include engineering, avionics, weather, communication, service, etc. There are various factors that keep the aircraft aloft included in the aircrafts aerodynamics.

Enthusiasts in Bremerton, Washington had a special venue where they socialized at a Barnstormers party with a band serenading the fans.

Big Aviation agencies such as NASA and AOPA were not left behind in the celebrations. NASA even has a website dedicated to the Wright brothers. The website has documents and materials collected over the years of the world’s first powered flight. AOPAs website even included five ways to celebrate National Aviation Day.

Other locations around the country had different ways to celebrate the day included aviation shows, family fun days at airports, hangar parties, visits to aviation museums, and special hourly pricing for aircrafts. Anything to encourage the younger generation to take up flying either for leisure or as a career.

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