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Madrid Passenger Hops on Tarmac to Catch Flight

August 11, 2016       admin       0 comments   | Flight News

A man who was running late to catch his next flight in Madrid Spain decided to take matters into his own hands and jumped on the tarmac to try and catch the aircraft that was already taxing. The Madrid passenger jumped of the airline bridge, onto the tarmac, and then ran to the Ryanair flight that was preparing for takeoff.

A video was posted to Facebook that shows the actions of the passenger. The video ends with the passenger running off after speaking to airport personnel in an airport vehicle. Airport Authorities ENAIRE (Formerly AENA) have confirmed that he caught his flight.

The Madrid passenger was however arrested and detained at his destination in the Canary Islands. ENAIRE said that the passenger was not suspected of any terrorist activities. He had gone through all the regular security checks and screens. He will however still be punished for the security breach. The passenger got out through fire escape doors that are only supposed to be used during emergencies.

Major airports are designed for point-to-point travel. One has to check in at the stopover point and go through boarding procedures again for the next flight. This helps with security and passenger safety issues.

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