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Projectile Breaks Outer Window on Air Canada Express Flight

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Man Rattled as Object Cracks Window on Jazz Flight (Air Canada Express)

A man posted a photo of a cracked outer window of an aircraft he was flying in on his Twitter page on Tuesday. The Prince Edward Island native was traveling on a Jazz Flight. Jazz operates on behalf of Air Canada to some select destinations. They use the brand name Air Canada Express.

There was a sudden scary smash on the window. Luckily it only affected the outer layer of the window. David Smith was occupying a window seat with his 5-year old daughter when the incident happened. David told CTV News that whatever struck his window put a hole that was about an inch and a half wide.

Initially Smith tweeted that Air Canada did not even apologize about the incident and had buried the story. He however later clarified that he did not inform the flight staff immediately the incident happened. This was because of two reasons: One is that the aircraft was already descending for landing, and two he didn’t want to create panic and distress among passengers this close to the landing phase. He managed to inform the staff once the aircraft landed.

He further stated that he was later contacted by a customer care team who were quite concerned and apologetic.

The Air Canada spokesman made a statement to CTV News. He stated that at no time during the flight was safety compromised. The aircraft is purposely designed with two panes that offer double reinforcement. He said that the projectile that struck the aircraft appeared to be a piece of ice. He also reaffirmed that Air Canada’s customer care team immediately contacted David as soon as they learned about the occurrence.

Ice forms at higher altitudes due to some weather configurations. Aircraft engineers take this into account during the structural and aerodynamic design phase of the aircraft.

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