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Samsung Note 2 Sparks during IndiGo Flight

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A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sparked and emitted smoke on board an IndiGo Flight 6E-054. The Airbus A-320 belonging to IndiGo Airlines was en route from Singapore to Chennai, India. The phone was stowed in the overhead cabin storage, when cabin crew smelled and noticed smoke coming from the bin. The flight was about to land when the incident occurred.


The crew used fire extinguishers on the phone after suspecting that it may have caught fire. Several airlines have banned the use of the Samsung Note 7 on their airlines. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has also banned passengers from turning on the Note 7 in flight.

The FAAs message reads; “Passengers may not turn on or charge the devices when they carry them on board a plane.”

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of India has reportedly banned passengers from carrying the Samsung Note 2 in their check in luggage. The phone is on allowed in their carry-on bags and should be switched off. Airlines have been alerted and asked to spread the word. They have also taken to social media to alert travelers.

The DGCA advisory for the Note 2 is exactly on the lines of one issued for Galaxy Note 7 on September 9th. Several Airlines have an issue with the use of Personal Electronic Devices (PED) on board.

There have been no issues reported with the Note 2 before. Samsung has been forced to recall all Galaxy Note 7 phones after reports of the cell phones catching fire. The recalls came after a series of explosions due to battery malfunctions.

”Samsung recommends that you power down your Galaxy Note7 and return it to your place of purchase to arrange a remedy of your choice. Once you have turned off your device you should not charge the Note7.”

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