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Brouillette Aviation Training

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Flight School
Brouillette Aviation Training (BAT)


About Us

Brouillette Aviation Training – BAT is a flight school that is dedicated to training pilots. We are conveniently located at the Nashua Airport. We create a conducive training environment with personalized flight instruction. Come and find out if flying is for you with our introductory flight. The flight instructor will take you through the basics and will let you get a feel for the flight controls.

Brouillette Aviation Training is a flight training school that caters to the particular student’s flight training needs. We have great and professional flight, ground, and office staff. The Nashua Airport is centrally located. We border many places where students can get accommodation, eateries, and other relaxed activities.

We offer:

  • Private Pilot and Instrument Pilot Training
  • Pilot License Renewal Training
  • Aircraft Rental
  • Intro and Scenic Fun Flights

• Flight Training
• Ground School

Type of Training
FAA approved.

• Private Pilot License (PPL)
• Instrument Rating (IR)
• Hour Building
• Re-currency Training: Biennial Flight Review (BFR) and Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPC)

• Cessna 152
• Cessna 172


Nashua Airport
99 Pine Hill Rd.
Nashua, New Hampshire 3063

Nashua Airport

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Transport and Housing can be arranged.


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