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THE Balloon Flight School

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Flight School
THE Balloon Flight School


About Us
We are an internationally recognized flight school that specifically trains balloon pilots. We assist you with your private and commercial pilot instruction. We are FAA part 141 approved. Enjoy the oldest aviation sport in the world here at The Balloon Flight School.

Please note that we have changed our name to The Balloon Flight School due to a trademark dispute. We however offer the same quality balloon flight training. Our instructors are the best balloon pilots. We are internationally recognized as being one of the best balloon flight schools.

At The Balloon Flight School, we offer one-on-one instruction to make sure that our students get the best learning possible. We furnish you with a well maintained and insured balloon. We use the FAA part 141 curricula and prepare you well for the FAA examiners.

· Flight Training
· Ground School

Type of Training
FAA Part 141 approved.

· Private Pilot License (PPL)
· Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
· Lighter Than Air (LTA) Training
· Hour Building

· Balloons

1220 Rockrose Rd NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87122


Transport and Housing can be arranged.


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