July 22, 2017 3:40 pm
flight school

Picking a Flight School

Choosing a Flight School With a big selection of flight schools available country wide, how does an aspiring pilot choose a flight school? There are several factors that one has

Factors Leading to Chapecoense Air Crash

Colombia Chapecoense Air Crash This has been a sad week for both the sports and aviation community. The chartered aircraft that crashed in Colombia killed 71 passengers and had 6

Trump and Aircraft Manufacturing

How will Trump’s presidency affect Aircraft Manufacturing? Donald Trump stunned Americans and the World at large with his landslide victory on Tuesday. Most people were relying on the media polls

Air Investigators Probe Malta Airplane Crash

5 Dead in Malta Airplane Crash Officials have confirmed that 5 people died in the Malta Airplane Crash on Monday morning at 7:20am local time.  The aircraft travelling to Libya’s

African Aviation

Counting the Milestones and Miles to go in African Aviation “For once you have traversed the African sky; everything else will always be your second love”. In almost every single
Qatar 787 Ln 58 air to air

Boeing Co. and Qatar Airways sign big Aircraft Deal

Boeing Co. Lands a Big Aircraft Deal with Qatar Airways The Boeing Co. has signed an $18.6 Billion deal with United Arab Emirates Qatar Airways. The Doha based airline has

Chinese Aviation to become a Global Powerhouse

Chinese Aviation is looking to lead the world in military and civilian aircraft production. With China headed to lead just about every other industry in the world, it seems that

Kenya Airways Financial Woes

Once one of Africa’s best told financial stories, Kenya Airways (KQ) is turning into a sad financial mess. It was aptly dubbed the “Pride of Africa”, when it made huge
mh-17 jetliner explosion

Russia Linked to Jetliner Explosion in Ukraine

Jetliner Explosion Inquiry Links Russia to MH-17 Deaths The jetliner explosion investigation of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft shot down over Ukraine has been completed by the Dutch-led investigation team. They

The African American Women Pioneers at NASA

You may have recently heard or read about the upcoming movie “Hidden Figures”. The picture highlights the brave lives of pioneer African American women physicists and mathematicians at NASA. This

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