July 23, 2019 12:27 am

United Flight Veers While Joining Runway

United Flight Skids of While Joining Runway United Flight 296 went off the tarmac after it suffered a mechanical problem at Denver International Airport (DIA). United’s Airbus A-319 was approaching

Hidden City Ticketing

Airline Booking Ploys There is a new trend that is emerging among air travelers, whereby they are using a new way to find cheaper flights. Hidden City Ticketing occurs when

Four Disruptive Women Taken Off Monarch Flight

Four Women Thrown Off Ibiza Bound Flight for Abusing Passengers 4 young women were taken off Monarch Flight ZB504 for hurling insults and racist slurs to fellow passengers. The flight

Southwest Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Chicago

A Southwest Airlines Flight 2390 Forced to Make an Emergency Landing A Southwest Airlines Flight flying from Columbus, Ohio to Denver, Colorado was forced to make an emergency landing at

Fire May Have Broken Out on MH370

Did a Fire Breakout on MH370? New evidence has what appears to be burn marks on some newly found pieces thought to be from MH370. The debris was found near

Terrifying EasyJet Flight

Deported Migrant Scares Passenger on EasyJet Flight EZY5263 There were tense moments onboard an EasyJet Flight, when a passenger who was being deported started screaming “Allahu Akbar”, “Death is coming”

MH370 Captain Messaged Mysterious Woman Two Days before Flight

Captain Shah Messaged Female Friend Two Days before Flight MH370 Disappeared News just in is that the Captain of the ill-fated MH370 Zaharie Ahmed Shah messaged his friend Fatima Pardi

Disruptive Passenger on BA causes Diverted to Boston

Florida Bound Flight Diverted to Boston because of Unruly Passenger A British Airways flight from London had to be diverted to Boston’s Logan International Airport because of a disruptive passenger.

AirAsia Captain Entered Wrong Coordinates

ATSB Completes AirAsia Flight 9M-XXM Investigation An investigation by the Air Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has concluded that an AirAsia captain entered wrong coordinates in an aborted flight that had

Computer Glitch Causes British Airways Flight Delays

An IT Computer Glitch caused major flight delays yesterday for passengers traveling with British Airways (BA).  The computer problem caused long queues among travelers. The problem mainly affected check-in desks
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