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African Aviation


Counting the Milestones and Miles to go in African Aviation “For once you have traversed the African sky; everything else will always be your second love”. In almost every single conversation I have had with any pilot that has flown the African skies, it all tends to gravitate towards the beauty of Africa. The picturesque landscape never gets tiring to fly over. While the landscape may be a pleasure to cross, there are several challenges that do face the industry. The industry has not enjoyed a good reputation in safety. There was a period when aviation did have a high rate of accidents. This was largely due to older fleets,

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African Aviation

We have seen a very fast growth of the world economic market over the last 100-years or so. We have also seen a “continental” shift of economies from various regions based on current market and trade needs. In the 18th and 19th century the first major super powers and economic controllers came from Europe- largely controlled by Britain (later the United Kingdom). We then so a shift of economic control in the 20th century from Europe to the United States of America based largely on the invention of the airplane and it’s economic application in the aviation and airline market. The last major economic shift we have seen in the

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