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African Aviation


Counting the Milestones and Miles to go in African Aviation “For once you have traversed the African sky; everything else will always be your second love”. In almost every single conversation I have had with any pilot that has flown the African skies, it all tends to gravitate towards the beauty of Africa. The picturesque landscape never gets tiring to fly over. While the landscape may be a pleasure to cross, there are several challenges that do face the industry. The industry has not enjoyed a good reputation in safety. There was a period when aviation did have a high rate of accidents. This was largely due to older fleets,

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The African American Women Pioneers at NASA


You may have recently heard or read about the upcoming movie “Hidden Figures”. The picture highlights the brave lives of pioneer African American women physicists and mathematicians at NASA. This group of ladies computed the math that sent Astronaut John Glenn into Orbit in 1962. That’s right, the team that calculated America’s first orbital spaceflight. So why haven’t we heard much about this ladies until now? Their stories may have been overshadowed by other “bigger” headlines of the time; the Civil Rights Movement, President Kennedy’s assassination, and the day’s politics. The highlight of their careers came at a time when the names of Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,

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Arnold Palmer – A Golf Legend in the Sky

Image Courtesy of www.arnoldpalmer.com

Although Arnold Palmer will always be remembered as an avid golfer, he will also be remembered by the aviation community as a legend in the sky. The 87-year old died of heart complications on Sunday September 25th. Aviation was always Arnie’s third love. “Next to marrying his wife, Winnie, and deciding on a professional career in golf, there’s only one decision Arnold Palmer considers smarter: Learning how to fly an airplane.” Arnold nicknamed “The King” for his golf prowess, took his first flight lesson in his hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania in 1956. His hometown airport Arnold Palmer Regional Airport is named in honor of him. He earned his Jet rating

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The Cessna Caravan


Cessna Caravan C-208 the Aviation Workhorse There is virtually nothing like it amongst utility airplanes. Renown as the aerial workhorse; it is an economical, hardy, high volume aircraft. It is the world’s most popular bush flying aircraft. It can take off and land in the roughest of airstrips. Many pilots and aviation companies describe it as indispensable. It is the most functional aircraft pound for pound. The Cessna C-208 Caravan first took to the skies in 1982. It is a single turboprop aircraft, with fixed tricycle landing gear, short-haul utility aircraft. The caravan can either be used as a passenger or cargo aircraft. It can seat up to 14 passengers

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Hidden City Ticketing


Airline Booking Ploys There is a new trend that is emerging among air travelers, whereby they are using a new way to find cheaper flights. Hidden City Ticketing occurs when a passenger gets off an indirect flight at the connection point. Here is how it works; say the traveler wants to travel from Atlanta to New York (ATL-JFK), a direct flight might be say $350. The traveler however checks and finds that a flight from Atlanta to New York to New Jersey (ATL-JFK-EWR) is $250. He/she books the flight and disembarks in New York. Flight fares are typically dictated by market forces and not by the miles flown. Airlines may

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Global Aviation’s Next Big Thing

The New Year brings with it new optimism. This is no different in the Global Aviation industry. We are looking forward to a lot of things that will be addressed, improved, and introduced in Aviation. The following are amongst the areas that will need work: Safety, Aircraft, Drones and Aviation Applications. Aviation Safety will be one big area that will be getting a lot of attention on and off the ground. Aviation safety most certainly needs a “face lift”. This is in airports, aircraft maintenance, and in the sky. Pilots and other aviation staff will be getting extra training on how to deal with threats and other aviation emergencies. Aviation

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Aerial Application

“Aerial Application – Crop Dusting” Aviation has improved and influenced many other industries for the better. One industry that has improved is Aerial Application or what is formerly known as Crop Dusting.  This involves spraying crops with plant protection or improvement products. Some of these products are fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, etc. The crops are sprayed with product that is loaded onto specialized spray tanks that are mounted onto specially modified aircraft. Crop dusting was born almost immediately as soon as the aircraft was invented. In 1906, John Chaytor in New Zealand spread seed in a swampy area using a hot air balloon. This created the realization that a single person

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Many engineers have in the past aspired to create a craft that can traverse both the sea and the skies. After many years of trial and error, some have finally succeeded to come up with various seaplane designs. Leading us to the question, what are Seaplanes? Seaplanes are classified in aviation as fixed-wing aircraft that are designed to take off and land in water. Some seaplanes are also designed to land on both land and water; amphibious in nature. There are different categories of seaplanes based on the design, physics, and aerodynamics of the aircraft. The two main categories are flying boats and floatplanes. Flying boats are defined as those

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Flight School TNT Air Inc. About Us We are a flight school that is based in Pennsylvania’s Pottstown Municipal Airport. We have a flexible schedule that fits your training needs. TNT Air uses the best flight instructors to ensure you get the best flight instruction. We offer a variety of training programs including: glass cockpit training, high-wing, and low-wing training. TNT Air has three certified flight instructors and a fleet of three aircraft. We also have a redbird flight simulator. We are also a certified Cessna Pilot Center. We have a passion for flying and for teaching aspiring pilots. TNT Air is a professional flight school with qualified staff and

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THE Balloon Flight School


Flight School THE Balloon Flight School About Us We are an internationally recognized flight school that specifically trains balloon pilots. We assist you with your private and commercial pilot instruction. We are FAA part 141 approved. Enjoy the oldest aviation sport in the world here at The Balloon Flight School. Please note that we have changed our name to The Balloon Flight School due to a trademark dispute. We however offer the same quality balloon flight training. Our instructors are the best balloon pilots. We are internationally recognized as being one of the best balloon flight schools. At The Balloon Flight School, we offer one-on-one instruction to make sure that

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