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Picking a Flight School

flight school

Choosing a Flight School With a big selection of flight schools available country wide, how does an aspiring pilot choose a flight school? There are several factors that one has to consider: Are you going to take Part 61 or Part 141 training? How many instructors are available at the flight school? What type of aircraft does the flight school have? These and many other questions have to be answered before one enrolls for flight lessons. A big part of the choice is determined by cost. How much do you have available for the training? How many flight schools do you have in your area? Do you have money for

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Choosing a Flight School

Having made the decision to take-up a career or hobby in aviation as a pilot. The first step is choosing a flight school where you will pursue your education and training. There are several factors you will have to carefully assess before making your final choice. These factors will include cost, geographical location, accommodation, the schools reputation etc. For pilots, the cost issue is usually the biggest factor. However, you do not want to forgo the quality of good training based on cost. Remember, cheap may cost you more in the end. The first thing pilots should look for when selecting a flight-school is the type of training. Typically, this

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