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Picking a Flight School

flight school

Choosing a Flight School With a big selection of flight schools available country wide, how does an aspiring pilot choose a flight school? There are several factors that one has to consider: Are you going to take Part 61 or Part 141 training? How many instructors are available at the flight school? What type of aircraft does the flight school have? These and many other questions have to be answered before one enrolls for flight lessons. A big part of the choice is determined by cost. How much do you have available for the training? How many flight schools do you have in your area? Do you have money for

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Flight School TNT Air Inc. About Us We are a flight school that is based in Pennsylvania’s Pottstown Municipal Airport. We have a flexible schedule that fits your training needs. TNT Air uses the best flight instructors to ensure you get the best flight instruction. We offer a variety of training programs including: glass cockpit training, high-wing, and low-wing training. TNT Air has three certified flight instructors and a fleet of three aircraft. We also have a redbird flight simulator. We are also a certified Cessna Pilot Center. We have a passion for flying and for teaching aspiring pilots. TNT Air is a professional flight school with qualified staff and

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THE Balloon Flight School


Flight School THE Balloon Flight School About Us We are an internationally recognized flight school that specifically trains balloon pilots. We assist you with your private and commercial pilot instruction. We are FAA part 141 approved. Enjoy the oldest aviation sport in the world here at The Balloon Flight School. Please note that we have changed our name to The Balloon Flight School due to a trademark dispute. We however offer the same quality balloon flight training. Our instructors are the best balloon pilots. We are internationally recognized as being one of the best balloon flight schools. At The Balloon Flight School, we offer one-on-one instruction to make sure that

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Very Light Jets


Very Light Jets One of the latest innovations in the aviation world is Very Light Jets (VLJs). VLJs are jet-powered aircraft that are approved for single-pilot operation, and whose maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is below 10,000 pounds. They are designed to be lighter than business-jets. VLJs are also known as micro-jets or entry-level jets. They usually have one or two small engines and carry between four to eight passengers. The intention of the aircraft designer was to have an aircraft with low-maintenance costs. The jets are designed to operate from small runways 3,000 feet or less. This ensures that this aircraft can either be used for personal, business, or air

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Susi Air


Flight School Susi Training Center (Susi Air) About Us Susi Air – Susi Training Center is a division of Susi Air Indonesia. We have a state of the art training facility equipped with Flight Training Devices (FTD), simulators, training department offices, and 3-floors of lecture rooms. We use Piper Archers as our primary training aircraft. Our curriculum is based on the Australian syllabus from the students initial Private Pilot License through to the Multi Engine Commercial Instrument Rating. You will also have the option to get an Instructors License. Students can then transition to work as Instructors or to work for our Charter division as First Officers on our Cessna

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Stewart Aviation Services


Flight School Stewart Aviation Services About Us Stewart Aviation Services is a Flight school located in Hillsdale, Michigan. We offer Private training all the way through Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII). We also offer our own student financing. Begin the flight of your future today! Training Specialties: * Instrument * Commercial * Multi-engine * Instructor FINANCING AVAILABLE Services •    Flight Training •    Ground School Type of Training FAA approved. Courses •    Private Pilot License (PPL) •    Commercial Pilot License (CPL) •    Instrument Rating (IR) •    Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII) Courses •    Hour Building •    Multi-engine Rating Fleet •    Piper Twin Comanche •    Cessna 172 M •    Cessna 172 S •    Cessna

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Spartan College


Flight School Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology About Us We at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology have a flight school that offers many aviation-training programs ranging from: Avionics technology, aviation maintenance, quality control, and communication technology. We also offer an Associates and Bachelors degree. THE MOST EFFICIENT ROUTE TO BECOMING AN AIRLINE PILOT Our Tulsa flight school is uniquely designed for optimum utilization of flight hours toward the completion of the pilot program. You can become “airline ready” in just 33 months! Spartan’s flight training program and instruction are comprehensive, giving you the opportunity to learn every topic and skill necessary to be a safe and qualified pilot.

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Southern Maine Aviation


Flight School Southern Maine Aviation, LLC About Us Southern Maine Aviation is a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) that offers flight training in the Maine area. We offer you step-by-step advice on the best way to go about your training and how to get your licenses in an expedient manner. We have a special handicapped flight-training program that assists people in wheelchairs to get pilot training. Services · Flight Training · Ground School Type of Training FAA approved. Courses · Private Pilot License (PPL) · Commercial Pilot License (CPL) · Instrument Rating (IR) · Handicapped Flight Training · Hour Building · Advanced Ratings and Tailwheel Endorsements Fleet · 2 Cessna 172

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Smoky Mountain Flight Center


Flight School Smoky Mountain Flight Center About Us Smoky Mountain Flight Center is conveniently located at the Knoxville Mc Ghee Tyson Airport. This is a great place to fly, the airport has an FAA controlled tower and two 9,000 foot runways. We have experienced instructors and a friendly training atmosphere. Great Smoky Mountains National Park straddles the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. The sprawling landscape is surrounded bylush forests and an abundance of wildflowers that bloom year-round. Streams, rivers and waterfalls appear along hiking routes that include a segment of the Appalachian Trail. Several small towns around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park provide many attractions to suit the

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SML Aviation


Flight School SML Aviation About Us SML Aviation is Virginia’s most respected flight instruction institution. We have been training for years and have recruited and trained some of the best flight instructors. We train both local and international students. Come experience a relaxed training school that is both thorough and expedient in training flight students. SML Aviation now offers an FAA Part 141 approved Private Pilot program to fulfill your dream of flying! Each year thousands of people in the United States begin flight training to learn how to fly and enjoy the freedom and utility general aviation airplanes provide. You too can experience the freedom and joy of flight,

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