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Projectile Breaks Outer Window on Air Canada Express Flight

David Smith Air Canada Express

Man Rattled as Object Cracks Window on Jazz Flight (Air Canada Express) A man posted a photo of a cracked outer window of an aircraft he was flying in on his Twitter page on Tuesday. The Prince Edward Island native was traveling on a Jazz Flight. Jazz operates on behalf of Air Canada to some select destinations. They use the brand name Air Canada Express. There was a sudden scary smash on the window. Luckily it only affected the outer layer of the window. David Smith was occupying a window seat with his 5-year old daughter when the incident happened. David told CTV News that whatever struck his window put

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Southwest Airliner Makes Emergency Landing after Engine Failure


Southwest Flight 3472 Diverts to Pensacola for an Emergency Landing A Southwest Airlines aircraft made an emergency landing on Saturday 27th at around 9:40am CDT. There was a loud explosion from the portside (left) engine while the airplane was in midair. The Southwest Flight 3472 was flying from New Orleans, Louisiana to Orlando, Florida and was carrying 104 passengers. One of the passengers a lady who was traveling with her husband and 3-children says she heard the loud explosion, some vibrations, and saw some smoke coming out of the engine. She was seated next to a window with a good view of the engine. Oxygen masks then came down as

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Flying Bum Crashes

southbedsnews agency- luton.. (fairlys)

Airlander-10 aka Flying Bum Crashes on Second Test Flight The longest airship the Airlander 10 dubbed the Flying Bum crashed on its second test flight. The aircraft sustained significant damage to its cockpit. No one was injured during the crash. The aircraft nosedived slowly to the ground after it had a successful flight. The crash came just seven days after its triumphant maiden flight. A video of the crash was recorded and released on the internet shortly after the crash. The flight was from Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire, and the airship crashed at about 11:00am BST. The 92-meter hybrid ship (part airplane, part airship, and part helicopter) manufactured by Hybrid

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National Aviation Day

national aviation day

Aviation Enthusiasts Celebrate National Aviation Day Aviation Fans celebrated National Aviation Day in different ways all across the United States on August 19th. National Aviation Day is set aside for flight enthusiasts and devotees of the industry to appreciate and learn new things. The holiday was established by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939. It designates Orville Wright’s birthday, one of the two pioneering brothers of powered flight. More than a hundred 7th and 8th grade Students in Grand Junction, Colorado spent the day learning about the different aspects of aviation. Armstrong Consultants set up 10 learning stations, had hands-on practical projects, and explained how things work in flight. As the

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Gargantuan Airship Flying Bum Takes Flight


Airlander 10 Makes its Maiden Flight A gigantic hybrid airship took flight on Wednesday August the 17th 2016. The flight took place North of London in England. The airship has affectionately been dubbed the Flying Bum because of its bulging derriere shape. The Airlander 10 is both a powered airship and a lighter-than-air design. It is the currently the world’s longest aircraft at 302 feet (92-meters) in length, and is about 50 feet (15-meters) longer than a Boeing 747. The ship’s maximum altitude is 36,000 feet and can cruise at a speed of 90mph. The airship is also designed as a low-noise and low-pollution aircraft. The airship can be used

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American Swimmers Pulled off Flight from Rio

Journalists surround American Olympic swimmers Gunnar Bentz, left, and Jack Conger, center, as they leave the police station at Rio International airport early Thursday Aug. 18, 2016. The two were taken off their flight from Brazil to the U.S. on Wednesday by local authorities amid an investigation into a reported robbery targeting Ryan Lochte and his teammates. According to their lawyer they will not be allowed to leave Brazil until they provide testimony about the robbery. (AP Photo/Mauro Pimentel)

Two American swimmers were pulled of a flight from Rio on their way home. Originally four American swimmers had earlier reported that they were robbed at gun point by people who appeared to be Brazilian police early Sunday morning. Swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger were ordered not to leave Brazil until they recorded a statement with police. Both were deplaned as they were leaving from the Rio Airport and taken for questioning by the police. One of the two other teammates wanted for questioning Ryan Lochte, is already back in the US. A Brazilian judge had already issued a search and seizure warrant for Lochte and his teammate James

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12 minute flight from Toronto to Niagara Falls


Toronto to Niagara 12 minute flight Greater Toronto Airways has introduced a 12 minute flight from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Commuters will now be able to fly directly. In a route that has only had the option to take a 1-hour drive (depending on traffic conditions) or a 90-minute train ride. This is why flying will be the best, fastest, and most convenient option. The service will start by September 15th 2015. It will be flown between Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport and the Niagara District Airport. Travelers who want to use the service can book for the flight from Greater Toronto Airways commuter services offered twice a day Monday through

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24 injured in Turbulent JetBlue Flight

jetblue turbulence

Turbulence injures passengers on a JetBlue Flight Violent turbulence on JetBlue Flight 429 injured several people who were flying from Boston Massachusetts to Sacramento California. The flight was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Rapid City, South Dakota. People reported being thrown around when the flight entered a dark cloud. It was like a scene from a horror mover. One passenger said, “we were thrown around like rag dolls”. Even passengers who had their seat belts on were tossed about. A female flight attendant who was in the galley was reported to have been thrown up to the roof, hit her head and neck, and suffered a concussion. The

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Drone Operator Almost Collides with Flybe Flight


Reckless Drone Operator near miss with Flybe Aircraft A careless drone operator is being looked for by law enforcement. This is after he almost flew his drone into a Flybe aircraft near Cornwall Airport Newquay. This happened as the Flybe pilot was approaching the airport and was about 2-miles out at an altitude of 975-feet. The flight was an ATR-72 carrying 62-passengers. Police both from the Cornwall and Devon areas are searching for the drone operator who has since disappeared. Any information from the public leading to the capture and arrest of the operator will be highly appreciated. It is particularly concerning as drone operators should not operate within close

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Madrid Passenger Hops on Tarmac to Catch Flight

Ryanair passenger purportedly runs across a runway to catch a flight in Madrid

A man who was running late to catch his next flight in Madrid Spain decided to take matters into his own hands and jumped on the tarmac to try and catch the aircraft that was already taxing. The Madrid passenger jumped of the airline bridge, onto the tarmac, and then ran to the Ryanair flight that was preparing for takeoff. A video was posted to Facebook that shows the actions of the passenger. The video ends with the passenger running off after speaking to airport personnel in an airport vehicle. Airport Authorities ENAIRE (Formerly AENA) have confirmed that he caught his flight. The Madrid passenger was however arrested and detained

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